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North Sails Proud to be Sailmaker of Choice

Jesper Felt - North Sails News

In December 2020, X-Yachts introduced their new model of cruising yacht, encompassing 56 feet of luxury and performance with an emphasis on comfort.

The X5⁶ is one of the biggest X-Yachts models ever to be produced in Denmark, and North Sails is incredibly proud to be the sailmaker of choice.

Manager of North Sails Denmark, Jesper Feldt, discussed the impact of this latest in a company news release saying, “Together with North Helix Structured Luff and Future Fibre’s Helix bluewater luff cord for the Code sail, the X5⁶ is a perfect match for our 3Di OCEAN product line.’’

Launching for the first time in Haderslev, Denmark, the X5⁶’s full 3Di OCEAN inventory was fitted by the North Sails team for sea trials in light to medium conditions. The perfect fit for a performance cruiser like the X5⁶, 3Di OCEAN evolved from the original 3Di and strikes a balance between performance and reliability. The material is continually refined and the most rugged version of our composite molded sail technology.

While the company acknowledges there is still some ‘homework’ left to do, X-Yachts is very proud that, after extensive organization and development, they have accomplished their aim to create a magnificent performance cruiser that will give future owners superior sailing pleasure.

“The first hull has already provided a distinct big-boat feeling of safety and comfort, where almost everything can be operated by the touch of a button if you so want,’’ explains Thomas Mielec, Director of Design & Engineering at X-Yachts. “This also means that vast amounts of technical equipment must be tested, adjusted, calibrated, etc. to ensure they work as designed and engineered.’’

The first set of sea trials focused on sail handling, sail balance, rig trim, alignment, and tuning the twin rudder system. The North Sails team are looking forward to launching the boat again this weekend for a heavier-air test of the remaining sail inventory, which includes a Helix Structured Luff Code sail and Jib Staysail. This will allow them to get an even better feel for the capabilities of the yacht before she goes back to the assembly hall for the final fit-out of the interior. The world premiere took place in the X-Yachts showrooms in Haderslev, Denmark on 16th January 2021.

Contact Jesper Feldt or X-Yachts CEO Kræn Nielsen to discuss sail inventory options. (Photos and press release provided by North Sails News)


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